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The Grant Writing Proposal Process for Assistive Technology

According to the most recently available federal data, it is estimated that 5.83 million public education students, ages 6-21, are living with a learning disability like dyslexia. As an educator or school administrator, you know that educational tools like assistive technology can help students with learning disabilities become more prosperous in and out of the classroom. With over 46% of

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How Assistive Technology Helps Decrease Dropout Rates in Higher Education

As a post-secondary institute, graduation rates are one of the top measures of success and effectiveness of your university’s coursework and staff. With about 11% of undergraduate students having a learning disability, how do you make your campus classrooms an inclusive environment that sets all students up for success? Assistive technology allows higher education institutes to better support students who

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Using Alternate Keyboards with the New k3000 Web Editor (firefly)

Written by Dan Herlihy, National Consultant and Kurzweil Education Trainer Depending on the device you are using to access k3000 Web Access (firefly) – iPads, Android tablets, Chromebooks, computers – you may be able to use an alternate keyboard to write, take a test, take notes…whatever need at the moment. Here are a few examples. If you are using an

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Have Your Cake and Eat it Too with Offline Mode

The benefits of web-based learning are virtually limitless, except when learning is limited when students can’t get online. That’s why we’re pleased to introduce offline mode for subscribers of k3000 Web Access. What is Offline Mode? With new offline mode, students and educators can work disconnected from the internet. This is a step towards closing the “homework gap” and a

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The Many Facets of Text-to-Speech

Search for “benefits of text-to-speech” on Google and you will be presented with pages upon pages of research projects that demonstrate its effectiveness. Our favorite, no surprise, is the Iowa Text Reader Longitudinal Study that determined reading and comprehension levels increased when using text-to-speech because students could read advanced grade-level material at a faster rate, and with less fatigue. The

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Supporting English Learners: Testing and Instructional Accommodations

Written by Kia Myrick McDaniel, Consultant on English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) and Supervisor of a large urban district Meet Fatouma Fatouma is an intermediate English Learner with a growing academic vocabulary. She is eager to learn English so that she can communicate better with her classmates and continue to pursue her dream of becoming an Oceanographer. With

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