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4 New Updates You’ll Want to Check Out - One of the many benefits of subscribing to k3000+firefly is you get instant access to new features and updates at no cost. We’re pleased to share five enhancements released in April that you’ll want to check out. Update 1. Open directly from Google Drive…ok I knew about that. Wait on a Mac? Data shows 67 percent of K-12 school districts
stats_how-it-works_8th-reading-ell Supporting English Learners: Testing and Instructional Accommodations - Written by Kia Myrick McDaniel, Consultant on English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) and Supervisor of a large urban district Meet Fatouma Fatouma is an intermediate English Learner with a growing academic vocabulary. She is eager to learn English so that she can communicate better with her classmates and continue to pursue her dream of becoming an Oceanographer. With
KurzweilEdu_tech-learning Technology and Learning: Digital Literacy in the Classroom - Written by Matthew James Friday Stating the Obvious Technology is rapidly changing society. There, I’ve stated the obvious. Every week a new article quotes the latest research about how rapid and fundamental this change is. Education should be at the forefront of this change, supporting students to both develop new skills and manage those changes. Often, education lags behind changes
new-feature-alert_custom-toolbars_blog k3000 Delivers Robust Customization - Different learners need different tools, not to mention learners can become different types of learners over time. With this diverse reality, you need an offering that can be shaped and tailored to work for a specific type of user as well as an evolving user. That’s why kurzweil 3000 (k3000) is easily customizable, delivering the ability to best address the

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Strategies for Teaching Vocab to ELLs
Date:Tue, April 19, 3-4 PM (ET)
Guest Speaker: Kia Myrick McDaniel
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20 Ways to Use iPads with Struggling Readers
Date:Tue, May 3rd, 3:00-3:30 PM (ET)
Guest Speaker: Monica Burns
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Students can independently access curriculum previously unavailable to them. Because of this, students can achieve a higher level of success.

Lisa Pompei Hodgkins
Special Ed teacher/AT coordinator

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