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may-updates New Feature Updates for k3000 in May - We are dedicated to helping teachers support, challenge, and guide students to succeed as learners. Take a look at four new updates to k3000+firefly in May that were designed to do just that. 1. Cross-out Text Online While the new cross-out text feature was added to k3000 last month, you can now cross-out text online. The ability to cross-out text
text-to-speech-more-than-text-aloud The Many Facets of Text-to-Speech - Search for “benefits of text-to-speech” on Google and you will be presented with pages upon pages of research projects that demonstrate its effectiveness. Our favorite, no surprise, is the Iowa Text Reader Longitudinal Study that determined reading and comprehension levels increased when using text-to-speech because students could read advanced grade-level material at a faster rate, and with less fatigue. The
k3000_zone-edit-2-zones 4 New Updates You’ll Want to Check Out - One of the many benefits of subscribing to k3000+firefly is you get instant access to new features and updates at no cost. We’re pleased to share five enhancements released in April that you’ll want to check out. Update 1: Cross-out Text A new addition to our reading and writing tools for April is the new Cross-out text feature. The result
stats_how-it-works_8th-reading-ell Supporting English Learners: Testing and Instructional Accommodations - Written by Kia Myrick McDaniel, Consultant on English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) and Supervisor of a large urban district Meet Fatouma Fatouma is an intermediate English Learner with a growing academic vocabulary. She is eager to learn English so that she can communicate better with her classmates and continue to pursue her dream of becoming an Oceanographer. With

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Study Hacks for Struggling Learners: Part II
Date:Tue, June 21st, 3:00 PM (ET)
Presenter: Carol Nees
Save Your Seat
Graphic Organizers & Expressing Deeper Understanding
Date:Tue, July 5th, 3:00 PM (ET)
Presenter: Corey Navis
Save Your Seat
Independence During Test Taking
Date:Tue, July 19th, 3:00 PM (ET)
Presenter: Cami Griffith
Save Your Seat

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Students can independently access curriculum previously unavailable to them. Because of this, students can achieve a higher level of success.

Lisa Pompei Hodgkins
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