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small-ways 15 Small Ways to Have Big Fun with Reading and Writing (10/5/2015) - Written by Matthew James Friday @thefridaystory What comes first, the pencil or the passion? Thinking about the content for my second blog coincided with the start of the academic year in my school. Different teachers begin in different ways, but our efforts are united by the need to build a respectful community and enthusiasm for learning. I do this through
blended-learning Chalkboards to Message Boards: The Changing Role of Educators (9/29/2015) - Written by Eric Nentrup @ericnentrup Recently, I reconnected with one of my own high school English teachers. We found each other on Facebook and I enjoyed our quick back and forth. However, calling her by her first name still caused a hitch in my typing. It’s amazing how ingrained it is to have that Mr./Mrs. LastName inclination even though for
pd Professional Development Isn’t a Sprint, It’s a Marathon (9/25/2015) - A recent study from TNTP revealed that while massive investments are spent on professional development most teachers don’t improve—2 out of 10 actually got worse over 2-3 years. Should we close the door on professional development if it is seemingly a waste of time and money? No. The TNTP explains, “It’s time for a new conversation about teacher improvement—one that
failure From Failing to Engaged—And Never Looking Back (9/21/2015) - Written by Mary Hinson Josh’s Story I first met Josh B, a student at Catalina Magnet High School in Tucson, AZ, during the first week of the 3rd quarter of school. Josh spent more of his time in the hallways than he did in class. I introduced myself to him and found out that he was a 9th grader. When

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Go Beyond Blended Learning
When:Tue., Sept. 29th, 6-7 PM (ET)
Guest Speaker:Eric Nentrup
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The Write Tools for Your Students
Date:Wed, Oct 14th, 3-4 PM (ET)
Presenter:Carol Nees
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Elevating the Craft of Writing through Revision and Conferring
Date:Fri., October 30th, 4-5 PM (ET)
Presenter:Erin Klein
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Tried and Tested—Testing Tips for Creating and Locking a Test
Date:Thur, Nov 5th, 3-4 PM (ET)
Guest Speaker:Suzanne Feit
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Five Steps to Motivation with UDL
Date:Tue, Dec 8th, 1-2 PM (ET)
Guest Speaker:Karen Narvol
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