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kurzweiledu_reading-guide Summer Reading Guide: 7 Basic Plots in All Literature & Free eBooks (6/19/2015) - Summer is a great time to catch up on classic literature in preparation for middle school and high school. The big question is; what should our students be reading? Here is a quick guide on ensuring that students are not only reading, but reading the right materials. The best part is that they are all be found—for free—in the k3000+firefly
KurzweilEdu_dichotomy Too much of a good thing? (6/12/2015) - Written by Corey Navis When speakers offer their opinions through dichotomies, we are usually presented with contrived choices. It makes me skeptical. Yet, recently, I was presented with such a dichotomy and I took notice. At a recent assistive technology conference the keynote speaker, Joy Smiley-Zabala, suggested K-12 schools exist somewhere within two paradigms: Assistive Technology is not talked about
KurzweilEdu_free-ebooks The Best Free eBook Resources (5/19/2015) - Written By Suzanne Feit M.S. Kurzweil 3000+firefly is a powerful tool that can provide access to text both in and outside of the school environment. Once our struggling readers realize that they can access almost any text, often the next question is – where can I get more books? Sources for Free eBooks There are many free and low-cost websites

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Students can independently access curriculum previously unavailable to them. Because of this, students can achieve a higher level of success.

Lisa Pompei Hodgkins
Special Ed teacher/AT coordinator

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