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KurzweilEdu_free-ebooks The Best Free eBook Resources (5/19/2015) - Written By Suzanne Feit M.S. Kurzweil 3000+firefly is a powerful tool that can provide access to text both in and outside of the school environment. Once our struggling readers realize that they can access almost any text, often the next question is – where can I get more books? Sources for Free eBooks There are many free and low-cost websites
kurzweiledu_understanding-disability Understanding Their Disability is Fundamental Step for Students to Achieve Success in College (5/1/2015) - Written by: Mary Anne Steinberg Ph.D. Heading off to college is something that many students (and their parents) dream about. Attending college has the ability to open doors to new experiences and provide opportunities that students just can’t get in high school. And once that college degree is earned there are more career options available and college graduates have the
KurzweilEdu_oral-language The PB&J of ELA: Oral Language and Literacy (3/13/2015) - An often overlooked area connected to students’ literacy is oral language development. As more educators begin to work with students who are recent arrivals to the United States, there must be an intentional focus on oral language development when designing lessons and during daily instruction for students learning English as their second language. Oral language and literacy go hand in

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Students can independently access curriculum previously unavailable to them. Because of this, students can achieve a higher level of success.

Lisa Pompei Hodgkins
Special Ed teacher/AT coordinator

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